Delivering ‘High Performance’ on a Weekend: Accenture Case Competition


Last weekend was the Accenture Case Competition at Kellogg. Considering everything else going on at the time (extracurricular activities and preparations for two mid-term exams), I thought I would be unable to participate but I eventually decided to do so. What I’m beginning to realize is that for everything you want to do here, there’ll be about three attractive alternatives. A lot of times you just have to raise your hand and jump in! I don’t remember this piece of advice all the time of course… 🙂

Something I really liked about this case competition was that it was only for one day so the time commitment was very well defined. My team members of fellow ‘Meese’ were pretty awesome, and I also liked that we were provided the case information in the same way we might get it in an actual consulting engagement: through emails, PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets as opposed to the standard twelve to twenty page cases that we get in a strategy class.

While we were flooded with all kinds of data (I don’t think we had time to read every single exhibit), the case turned out to be less about quantitative analysis and more about idea generation and idea generation is cool! Unless you don’t have ideas… but my team did! We came up with a ton of ideas and eventually had to refrain from cramming them all onto our ten-minute presentation. The one-day case turned out to be a bit of a time challenge: ‘one day’ was really about four hours! As much as we tried to manage time, we still found ourselves scrambling towards the end to get our slides ready and shoot them off to the judges. 🙂 

Our presentation went well enough to make us finalists, but not well enough to give us first place. Overall I think it was a great experience. I’ll definitely want to do this again!