Walk Breaks Are The New Smoke Break

Smoke breaks used to be cool. Workers could recharge themselves multiple times during the day, all the cool kids did it, and important relationships were forged in the smokers’ den. Still not sold? Alright then, let’s ask Rachel 🙂

Fast forward to today though, and smoking is no longer cool. First, there’s all this talk about lung cancer, which leads to companies and governments asking smokers to move at least 15 feet away from their buildings before enjoying a cigarette. In addition to the lung cancer ‘scare’, non-smokers sometimes complain about the additional time off enjoyed by their colleagues who smoke. This CNBC article estimates that the average smoker takes 4 smoke breaks a day, with each break lasting about 10 minutes. This adds up to smokers getting a month’s worth of additional time off each year!

Now what? Instead of complaining about the lost productivity, I’m proposing a new type of break for non-smokers: the walk break. How it works is simple. At least once a day, get out of your building and take a 15 minute walk. The benefits of the walk break are huge. Just like the smoke break, walking helps to break the monotony and/or stressors of your work day; giving you some much needed time to regroup and recharge. In addition, walk breaks – unlike smoke breaks – actually improve your health by increasing your activity levels and getting you closer to those magical 10,000 steps (a 15 minute walk gives me about 2000 steps on average).

So what are you waiting for? Get active and stay productive. Take a walk break! 😀


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