Guess Who’s Back?

Hello hello! I’m back! … and really sorry for “abandoning my blog” as a friend of mine put it a few weeks ago. While I really can’t say I had any good reasons for doing so, a few things happened in my life between the months of June and September that required my attention:

  1. I graduated from Kellogg on June 19: This was an unreal, bitter-sweet experience. I got to meet my friends’ families and to share in their pride and joy. There was also a decent amount of partying and some emotional goodbyes, or should I say ’till we meet agains’.
  2. I got married on July 18: I usually don’t blog about my personal life (who wants to read such boring stuff anyways…) but on July 18, in Lagos Nigeria, I did marry my friend of 10 years, and girlfriend of 3. The ceremonies were colorful and fun filled, and I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity of both our families as they supported us throughout the festivities.
  3. I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland on July 31: My wife used to work here so after the wedding we both went to Scotland. She notified her employer of her intention to move with me to Seattle, and I spent a decent amount of time living the life of a ‘kept husband’ i.e. living in her apartment, eating her food, and shopping with her credit cards. In my defense, I was really broke so it couldn’t be helped.
  4. I relocated to Seattle, Washington on September 14: A long trip for sure, but as always good to be back to the USA. Better yet, with my wife here with me, I no longer have to spend so much time on FaceTime and Skype. I honestly can’t remember the last time I used those apps…
  5. I resumed full time @ Microsoft on September 21: Definitely excited to be back full time, and still taking time to ramp up and get plugged in, but my impression over the past few weeks is that I’m really going to like it here.

So now that the whirlwind is (kind of) over, what’s going to happen to my blog? I’m not gonna lie; deciding to come back to blogging was hard. There’s so many new priorities in my life (spouse and job come to mind) pulling in many different directions that it’ll honestly be easier to just wrap this up and free up my time for other things. What convinced me to go on was me taking the time to click around on this blog and go through the pieces of content that I’d created over the past 3 years. While I haven’t blogged as frequently I’d have liked, it’s definitely been an amazing ride, and even I was able to learn something from re-reading some of my earlier posts (I’ll be resharing on social media pretty soon). With that in mind, the plan is to continue blogging; mostly about management, leadership and inspirational topics, but with a little technology thrown in here and there. Thanks for the support so far, and please stay tuned. πŸ™‚


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