Winter Courses

Realizing that most of the winter quarter would be spent on recruiting, I decided to free up my schedule by taking only three courses and this worked out pretty well.  Something else I tried to do was make sure that I didn’t have any classes on Friday. I expected to be travelling a lot for on-site interviews and I didn’t want to miss too many classes. In the end, I still missed a good number of classes, but not as many as I would have missed if I’d had classes on Friday. The classes that I ended up taking in the winter quarter of my first year were:

Microeconomics: As you’d expect, this course was mostly about concepts like demand, supply, subsidies and so on. To be honest, I initially didn’t like this class as I felt I wasn’t learning anything that I would use in the real world. However, when we got around to analyzing the last case of the course, things really began to come together. I realized that I had changed the way I thought about certain real world problems, and that’s what learning is all about!

Finance I: When you go to bschool, you have to learn finance right? Well, Fin I is our introductory finance class at Kellogg. The content was great, but the best part of the class was the professor. I had Navin Chopra, and he was really passionate about helping us learn the material. Chopra’s also a funny guy, and this really helped my attention span of the class, especially when you consider the fact that his classes were happening immediately after lunch. 🙂

Technology Marketing: Hmmm so this one didn’t really do it for me. To be fair the professor is great and one of few tech-focused rockstar professors at Kellogg. However, I felt like I already knew most of the course content from personal readings before business school as well as my time in IT. I did make some really good friends from this class though (you know who you are :D) so in the end, I guess I can’t complain.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d still take 3 classes so that I can focus on recruiting. Learning is important, but at the end of the day, it’s all about getting that plum MBA job! 🙂



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