No Time to Crush It! :(


Last quarter, the most exciting part of preparing for case interviews, or case prep was ‘crushing the case’: quickly and confidently working through the facts of the case, understanding the key issues, and coming up with a recommendation that was both comprehensive and irrefutable. Few things feel as good as crushing a case!

Fast forward to the Spring quarter, which is supposed to be the fun, ‘post-recruiting’ quarter, and there’s isn’t really a lot of crushing going on. Maybe I took too many courses this quarter, maybe I’m involved in too many extracurricular activities (probably not), or maybe I’m just sleeping too much! Whatever the reason, I feel like I’m doing a lot of stuff this quarter without really crushing any one of them. I’m not exactly rocking my courses, neither am I investing the time required to sustain my relationships both within and outside Kellogg. Last but not least, my beloved blog is also taking a hit! 😦

Some of my friends tell me that the experience is intentional. That Kellogg wants to teach me how to manage the ‘high powered life’ that I will have after Kellogg. While this may be true, I know that I definitely do not like the current state of things, and so I have to act! I think I have two options. I could downsize, cut some stuff out of my schedule and become better by devoting more time to less. This might work, but then I might miss out on a lot of the good stuff that Kellogg has to offer. FOMO anyone? 🙂 My second option would be to get comfortable with the feeling of ‘mediocrity’ which I’m currently experiencing, and continue to explore as much of Kellogg as I can! This is definitely new territory for me, and only time will tell if this approach will pay off in the long run.

Stealing a line from a personal hero, Geoffrey Moore, “that’s what I think. What do you think?” 🙂



3 thoughts on “No Time to Crush It! :(

    1. Good point Bernadine,
      The tension for me is really between exploring all that’s out there or focusing on a few experiences as a way to make the most of the experience.
      Your blog looks great! 🙂

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