Winter Quarter Blues @ Kellogg

Kellogg Winter

While this is only my second quarter at Kellogg, I can confidently state that it’s going to be my worst. Why? The Chicago winter and internship recruiting.

Having lived in Nigeria and the Great State of Texas before Kellogg, cold geographies have never being my thing, but Kellogg was a big enough draw to get me to move to Chicago. Notwithstanding, my first winter in Chicago has been particularly brutal, and is considered by many to be one of the coldest in a really long time. I still remember the Polar Vortex in January,and how some students threw boiling water outside to see how fast it would freeze in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not sure if the water actually froze though; all I saw was a lot of steam… The really challenging part of the winter for me is that it really tanks my productivity by making a ‘sleepaholic’ like me to sleep even more. In addition, when I do become awake, I don’t feel motivated to go out or get a whole lot done.

The second and even more ‘sucky’ part of the winter quarter is internship recruiting. Now truth be told, this affects everyone differently. Some students, through pre-MBA recruiting, already had internship offers on the first day they walked into Kellogg. Also, offers from on-campus internship recruiting have started pouring in since early January. Nonetheless, not everyone gets an internship this quickly, and this can create stressful situations for ALL students. On one hand, students with offers are keeping their fingers crossed for those still recruiting, but sometimes feel like they’re walking on eggshells as they try to figure out the best way to support their peers. For those still recruiting, feelings of anxiety coupled with the ‘rough and tumble’ of recruiting may create distractions in class and reduce attendance at both academic and social meetups. These different dynamics come together to create what can be described as an undesirable experience during the winter quarter.

For most students, finding a job is really important and one of the main reasons why we came to business school. However, the process of doing so is really stressful and takes a lot of shine away from the vibrant Kellogg experience. I can’t wait to get to Spring quarter when, following historical data, more than 90% of us will have found cool summer gigs, it’ll be a little warmer, and school can become fun again!


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