Thoughts on CIM

So I finally got a few hours to catch my breath this weekend before the Pre-Term continues all over again tomorrow! It seems like an appropriate time to share some thoughts on Kellogg’s orientation program known as the Complete Immersion in Management, or CIM.

Before getting into Kellogg, I read a blog post about CIM and the author described this week-long program as team-based, student-driven and inspirational. In line with the saying that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”, I’ll share my CIM thoughts along these lines.

Team Based

You know that thing they say about Kellogg being big on teamwork? It is absolutely true! On the first day of CIM we were put into sections, and I found out that I had become a proud Moose!


One of our tasks during CIM was to learn the first and last name of every single one of the 70 members of our respective sections. Although it seemed impossible at first, it eventually happened and I thought that was pretty cool. Notwithstanding, my favorite team-based event was the CIM Olympics! We competed in all types of interesting games, and while I won’t want to give it all away right now, all I can say is that it was a lot of fun.

FYI, other sections at Kellogg include the Buckets (friend of the Moose), Jive Turkeys (sworn enemy of the Moose), Poets, Big Dogs, Bull Frogs, Highlanders, and Cash Cows.

Student Driven

Our section leaders, CIM hosts, and organizers for various events were all students. The fact that these second year students had come early to campus to prepare for and welcome us to Kellogg was pretty awesome. I think that the way students are given freedom to drive things here really provides opportunities for people to test out and improve their leadership skills.


If you hear Dean Sally speak about Kellogg and you still aren’t convinced that it’s the place for you, please don’t come here! Her welcome speech simply rocked. We also had the opportunity to hear from two impressive professors (Nathaniel Pearce and David Besanko) and one alum (Peter Luther ’91, President of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare U.S.) which was cool.

Overall, I think CIM met my expectations. I wish it went a little bit slower so I could take more of it in, especially considering the fact that we started taking Pre-Term classes towards the end of CIM!

That’s it for now. Gotta go get ready for tomorrow’s classes, and this week’s Pre-Term finals!


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