It Starts…


So here I am, all packed (well, sort of packed) into my room at McManus, the student living center at Kellogg. I think the idea of a furnished apartment was pretty cool, considering that I would’ve had a lot more problems if I had moved into an unfurnished apartment 2 days before the start of my MBA. I still feel like I might suffer for that stunt, but I’ve been good so far.

My 2 days here have been pretty good. I love Evanston, the vibrant little college town. I’ve met some of my classmates and as expected, they are an awesome bunch. The big race starts tomorrow though, with CIM or Complete Immersion in Management – Kellogg’s week long orientation program which will usher us into the Kellogg MBA experience. As I gear up for this 2-year race, I thought it would be a good idea to put down my goals. This way, I can read them in 2 years time and see how I fared. Here goes:

At the end of my MBA, I want to:

1. Have a job that I’m excited to go to every morning.

2. Have new tools for understanding business and the world around me.

3. Make new friends.

4. Keep old friends.

That’s it! See you at the finish line.


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