Work Ends!… For now ;)

Okay this is embarrassingly late.

I actually had it all thought out and typed for a while now, but I’ve been back home in Nigeria with less-than-desirable internet, and so I was unable to post anything. I really will become more consistent at posting. Promise!

My Cube

So there it is! My last day at my beloved cube. I’ve had some good memories here, including the first few months on the job when I thought someone was going to walk up to me and say “Hey this isn’t working out. We think we made a mistake hiring you.” πŸ˜›

The most important thing that I’m taking away from working at National Instruments (or NI)Β is a strong technical foundation which I believe will serve me well in my next job. What I’ll miss most is the random conversations I had with my team members on topics that had absolutely nothing to do with work. The last one I can remember was about grocery shopping. πŸ™‚ As mundane as it sounds, conversations like this really helped me know my team members on a personal level.

The things at NI that I hope to find at my next job include:

1. A group of really smart people who are down-to-earth and willing to help out whenever possible.

2. A work environment where it’s okay to say “I don’t know.”

3. A CEO that is trusted by most employees to always do the right thing.

That’s it! My time at National Instruments is done, and I’m excited about my next adventure! πŸ˜€


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