Laptop Drama

“Don’t Start With Stale Technology” says one of BestBuy’s online ads for this Summer; an ad that adequately captured my rationale for wanting a new laptop for business school. I currently use a 13-inch Macbook Pro which has been running perfectly for about 4 years.


Why change it? It was actually beginning to run kind of slow. Also, Windows operating systems run Microsoft Office products better, and most of what I will be doing at business school involve using Microsoft Office products.

What I wanted from my business school laptop was simple: it should work well and give no trouble. Finding a laptop that did just that turned out to be harder than expected.

My first laptop choice was a Dell; a lot of people use the Dell Latitude E6430 at work so it seemed an obvious choice. As this laptop was a little bit pricey, I opted for the Dell Latitude E5430 and totally regretted my decision.

dell laptop

The Dell E5430 had a sub-par monitor and camera. It also had a case that easily attracted dust and fingerprints. This was definitely not my business school machine: I returned it.

My second attempt at a laptop was the 15-inch HP Envy M6.

hp laptop

The camera and monitor were fine on this one, and it had a nice case that was resistant to dust and fingerprints. Unfortunately, after taking this laptop home, I realized that a 15-inch laptop might probably be too bulky for the constant movement that will characterize life at business school. I also found out that I was very unsatisfied with the touchpad; It was difficult to click on things and even more difficult to scroll on web pages. The second laptop was returned as well.

With two laptops returned, I decided to search one more time. That was when I found the Asus S300 CA. With a nice screen and camera, a wonderful touchpad and a competitive price, I knew I was looking at a winner.


Unfortunately the case attracts dust and fingerprints but who cares? I just wanted something that worked right, so I got the Asus.

If I learnt anything from this experience, it’s this: for a laptop (and anything else), start searching early so you can find exactly what you want. Also, don’t try to find a PC laptop after you’ve used a Mac! Your standards will be too high! 😀


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