Open Doors: The Bain Diversity Pre-MBA Program 2013

One of the main reasons I decided to get an MBA is to get access to people and opportunities that I would otherwise not have. What’s cool is that although I haven’t yet set foot on the Kellogg campus, I have already begun experiencing the benefits of a Kellogg MBA. 2 weeks ago, I was in New York for the 2-day Bain Diversity Pre-MBA Progam 2013. The program aims to expose Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American MBA students to the management consulting industry and to Bain & Company: one of the top strategy consulting firms in the world.

Bain’s diversity pre-MBA program clearly exceeded my expectations. It afforded me the opportunity to interact with MBA candidates from other top business schools, and gain early exposure to the management consulting industry and to the life of a Bain consultant. The best part of the program for me was the case workshop. Through different group and individual exercises, I was able to get my first taste of case interviews. Of course my performance was less than encouraging. Nonetheless, I appreciated the opportunity to fail early and get good feedback in a risk free environment. I also liked the opportunity to see what good case analyses looked like by watching a Bainie crack a live case.

Something else that stood out for me (and other attendees) was how young some of the partners looked! Without exaggeration, either Keith Bevans (a partner at the Chicago office and Global Head of Consultant Recruiting) or David Waller (a partner at the Boston office) could easily have been mistaken for one of us: a wide-eyed youngster looking to go business school this Fall. The open and friendly demeanor of these clearly accomplished individuals was also quite refreshing.

I will definitely recommend this program to anyone thinking about consulting as a post-MBA career. On my part, Bain has proven to be a desirable ‘damsel’. I hope to keep the conversation going, and with any luck, I just might get an actual ‘date’. 😉


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