How Will You Measure Your Life?

I’m really excited about this post because of the tremendously insightful content I want to share. For those who do not know Clayton Christensen, you could read a little bit about his biography here. He rocks on all counts, including the fact that he is not afraid to openly talk about his faith.

One question I think about a lot as I chase my dreams and move towards ‘mastery’ is this: what if I get to the top of the ladder, and find out it is leaning on the wrong wall? If I eventually become the CEO of Google, or a partner at McKinsey, but get there after going through 3 divorces, with no one to truly call my friend, and with my health hanging by a thin thread, would I be right to call that success?

If you feel a need to fly through the video, don’t! If you still do, please pay attention to the following points:

7:50: I particularly love this story because it touches on what I believe to be heart of the matter: priorities. Most of us don’t plan to be broke, ill, or have poor relationships. It’s our priorities that set us on this self destructive path, and the reason we prioritize the way we do is because we usually have a short term focus.

11:34: It’s not very often that I see two profound ideas in one presentation, but that’s exactly what happens here. This second story talks about how we ‘score’ ourselves. How really do I measure my life? Is my life better when I have more money? A bigger team to lead? A more prestigious logo on my business card?

I think Clayton’s quote says it best: “It’s actually really important that you succeed at what you’re succeeding at, but that isn’t going to be the measure of your life.“. Enjoy.


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