The Killer Apps of Prosperity

I came upon this video a couple of weeks ago, and I found it really intriguing. I really liked the data presented by Niall Ferguson. They show that the reason why some countries are successful, and others aren’t is not a function of location, climate, age, or any of the ‘usual suspects’. Instead, he makes his case for his ‘killer apps’:

  1. Competition
  2. The Scientific Revolution
  3. Property Rights
  4. Modern Medicine
  5. The Consumer Society
  6. The Work Ethic

I really like Niall Ferguson’s style. I don’t agree with some of his ideas, and his confidence could be easily described as arrogance, but that’s okay; he knows his stuff.

After listening to the closing remarks, I started thinking about the following:

  1. Do we have killer apps for personal success?
  2. Can they be downloaded and installed by everyone irrespective of location, race, gender, sexual orientation or age?
  3. Is the download sequencing of these apps important?

Your thoughts?


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