Why Grad School?

To succeed in any meaningful venture, you need to have a good plan of how you want to achieve that goal. In my opinion, a more important component of your success is your rationale, or why you want that goal. With a strong rationale, any individual can figure out a way to achieve their goals. Deciding to go to grad school, especially in a different country, is not that different. Even if you get a full scholarship, it is still going to be a challenging adventure. There’ll be ‘crunch time’ on projects, you will probably have some bad project team members, and you most likely will sometimes miss home. In all this not-so-desirable situations, the only thing that’ll keep you going is the reason why you even decided to get a graduate degree in the first place.

I was recently reflecting on my own reasons for deciding to take the leap, and come to the US for a graduate degree. I decided to use it as an opportunity to try video blogging. If only I realized that I needed to look at the camera and not at my computer screen…

These are some of the popular reasons I have come across from interactions with friends and classmates:

1. “Once i have my degree, i can come back home and become highly sought by top employers.”

2. “I just need to get out of my home country!”

3. “I need a break from work.”

To make this post a richer resource, I hope some aspiring, current and former graduate students are gracious enough to share their reasons for wanting a graduate degree here as well. Thanks in advance.


7 thoughts on “Why Grad School?

  1. Hey Efesa,
    Just checking this out.
    Nice one bruv.
    U mentioned some of my reasons for going for a grad program.
    Thumbs up.

  2. Good video but the presentation style and quality is lacking. Maybe consider a better camera? On your points,

    1. “Once i have my degree, i can come back home and become highly sought by top employers.”
    – OK. Sounds pretty obvious and probably true.

    2. “I just need to get out of my home country!”
    – Probably a good reason for many. I know a few cases like this.

    3. “I need a break from work.”
    – Less likely but still true for some people.

    Now I got a suggestion for you!
    Interview different grad students and see which reason they choose.

    1. Hey Shen,
      Thanks for the idea. I actually expected people to put down their ideas of their own volition, but apparently that’s taking a while 🙂
      Your other ponints are duly noted too.


  3. expanding horizons – not just professionally but on a personal level too.

    I started work as a developer and was soon bored of it. At A&M, I got a chance to delve deeper into various aspects of IT industry and how it can be perceived from different angles.

    On the personal front, it changed me a lot too.. 🙂

  4. Thanks Rollpoll,
    You hit some pretty good reasons on your blog. My favorite is “To meet someone special”. I gather that happens a lot in B-School 🙂

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